Predicting Player Scores using Machine Learning

Machine learning is being applied on almost every sports field. But when it comes to cricket, there is very little work being done. Lets see if we can apply simple machine learning models to predict player scores of Pakistan Team. Predicting Player Scores using Machine Learning Data: We have data of over 1000 ODI matches from 2009-2017. The data has been scraped from various websites and is in the form of a database. Features and Labels: This is one of

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Predicting the outcome of Cricket Matches using Machine Learning

Can we predict a cricket match before it even starts? I have been thinking about it since I read a few books on Sports Analytics. Cricket is a game where the randomness seems to be maximum. I have been tinkering with different models but nothing comes up to be as good as the results in other sports fields including football, baseball etc. After a few days of struggle, I was finally able to build a model that can predict an

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Predicting the next wicket in a T20 match using machine learning

I have been thinking about ways of apply machine learning to predictions related to cricket. Last two blog posts; Predicting outcome and Predicting score were not totally new since that work has also been done a few times before. I wanted to come up with something unique that has not been done before in the context of cricket. This blog post is about predicting the next wicket in a t20 match using machine learning. This is an interesting read, lets

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